Real estate developers

Services to real estate developers

  • Development strategy.
  • Identifying gaps in the market.
  • Searching for, identifying and qualifying sites to be developed.
  • Strategy and marketing to find tenants.
  • Negotiating purchase or rental transactions.
  • Development consulting and preconstruction support.

Development strategy

Our approaches aim to determine the optimal use of your site and to take the actions required to maximize the value of your project and optimize your investment.

Several expert assessments and appraisals are necessary to ensure the success of your project. Our team of real estate specialists will perform the preliminary analysis of the project in order to define the space’s potential.

We review the constraints and advantages resulting from a site’s location, from the analysis of demographic trends and from population changes, taking into account current, projected and potential future projects.

Our goal is to optimize the profitability of the project and its consistency with the developer’s objectives.

Identifying gaps in the market

Drawing up a strategic search plan and identifying sectors where the needs of consumers surpass the supply by merchants present in the sector for the products or services provided by our client.

Searching for, identifying and qualifying spaces to develop

Within a gap in the market, searching for potential locations that correspond to the essential characteristics and criteria of a good site, as established with the client, taking into account, among other things, the analysis of the site’s location attributes, its immediate environment, its accessibility conditions and general visibility, as well as demographic environment.

Strategy and marketing to find tenants

We identify the competitive advantages of the product for rent, and then prepare and draft detailed property descriptions.

We pass on the detailed information to industry participants who are in touch with potential tenants.

We use all the promotional and marketing tools at our disposal to advertise the property for rent.

We run targeted marketing campaigns and follow up directly with the identified businesses.

Negotiating rental, purchase or sale transactions

We possess a wealth of experience in real estate and we easily navigate the process leading to the finalization of a real estate transaction to the benefit of our clients.

Development consulting and preconstruction support

Our consulting services will make all the difference to ensure the quality and profitability of your projects.

Consulting services for coordinating preliminary designs, market research, feasibility studies, cost estimates, financial modelling and timelines.

Consulting services for coordinating the services of professionals required for the project, such as architects, urban planners, appraisers, engineers and biologists.

Consulting services for planning the municipal approval process in regard to the project and following up with urban planning committees, public works and permit departments for the securing of required authorizations.